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Enzyme baths


Bathers soak in sawdust and rice bran heated by natural fermentation. Just like when lactobacilli in milk produces a lactic acid, the fermentation process emits heat. Bathers will soak in baths of up to 67℃. However, due to the low rate of heat transmission by the sawdust, and the high oxygen content between the materials, the temperature is ideal for bathing in for approximately 15-20 minutes. Bathing for this length of time ensures that your entire body is heated, both inside and out.
Natuliss Enzyme Baths

Large capacity bathtubs

Our bathtubs are 4×2 metres, with a depth of 80cm, meaning the heat from large volumes of cypress sawdust can be maintained efficiently.Submerge your entire body, and feel the warming heat travel deep within.

Japanese cypress bathtub & sawdust

Our bathtubs are made of Japanese cypress, the perfect material for this purpose.The hinokitiol released by the cypress wood aids in relaxing both the mind and body.

Development of our aeration system

Plenty of air is required to allow for proper fermentation to occur in the enzyme baths.Here at Natuliss salon, we place great importance on the proper aeration of our baths, and have implemented a system that sends fresh air in from beneath the bathtub. Despite a tendency to have insufficient oxygen during fermentation, thanks to our aeration system we can ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen for proper aerobic fermentation.
Here at Natuliss, we continue in our endeavour to provide high quality enzyme bathing at a fixed high temperature, that is good for the skin and surrounds the bather in a wonderful scent, through our ongoing development research.

Health & Beauty Benefits

Ailments of all varieties are said to be caused by a lack of heat in the body.Enzyme baths work by efficiently heating up the body’s organs, which has a long lasting and positive effect on the body. You can look forward to the following benefits:
  • ●Increase in metabolism
  • ●Smooth and soft skin
  • ●A strengthened immune system
  • ●Detoxification of waste and harmful substances stored in the body

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