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Thank you for visiting our website, Enzyme Bath & Spa Natuliss.

Enzyme baths work by reaching a temperature of 60℃ through natural fermentation. When submerged in a bath of sawdust, the body is pleasantly warmed from all outer areas, reaching every nook and cranny, and continuing to heat to the very core.

No matter what might be lacking in your current state of health, a soak in our enzyme baths will leave you feeling lighter, even after just one session.

This is without a doubt thanks to the healing power of nature. And we here at Natuliss (an amalgamation of the words Nature and Bliss) want to share that power with you!

Our enzyme baths, made using slowly fermented sawdust is truly a gentle and natural treatment method. We contribute to creating an environmentally friendly society by using natural sawdust to promote forestry and play a role in the preservation of woodland areas.

This salon is the fruit of the fusion of my many years involved in the beauty industry and my husband’s work with the environment. Our salon is where these two aspects come together in harmony.

I am delighted to provide this wonderful Japanese esthetic technique in the rich traditional premises of a machiya (traditional wooden building typical of Kyoto) here in Sanjo, Kyoto City.

I hope that those who visit here, can do so readily, and feel at home as they relax in an enzyme bath, healing your body from its foundations for a healthier, more beautiful you!

I look forward to welcoming you to Natuliss salon.

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