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Privacy Policy

Natuliss Co., Ltd operates its website under a privacy policy in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. This privacy policy establishes how personal information of visitors to this site is collected, used, and administered.

■ Collection of personal information on this site
Personal Information in this privacy policy refers to information that is unique to certain visitors and can be used for identification of individuals, such as names, places of work, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses etc. Only necessary personal information is collected in a legal and fair manner for a specific purpose on this site.

■ Use of personal information
Personal information provided will not be revealed to or passed on to third parties without the approval of the person involved.
Personal information is limited to the uses stated when information is provided.

■ Range of uses of personal information
Personal information collected on this site will be used by this site alone. There are a number of link to other websites on this site, but no personal information is disclosed to them. For details on the handling of personal information on linked websites, please refer to each website’s privacy policy respectively.

■ Protection and administration of personal information.
Measures are undertaken to the highest level to avoid unauthorised access to personal information provided.
Safety measures are in place to protect against wrongful leaking, disclosing and destroying personal information. Suitable and necessary supervision of staff handling personal information is carried out to coordinate safe administration of information.

■ Changes to privacy policy
Adjustments may be made to the privacy policy of this site. Suitable alterations will be performed if there are changes in the law regarding the management of personal information, or company related changes etc. Alterations to the basic policy will be added to this site’s privacy policy.

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